Denise Bass Photography: Blog en-us (C) Denise Bass Photography (Denise Bass Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:59:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:59:00 GMT Denise Bass Photography: Blog 80 120 April Wedding at Hotel Viking in Newport RI I couldn't think of a better way to kick off my wedding season than on a warm spring day in Newport, RI. Michelle and Peter got married at the newly renovated Hotel Viking. The getting ready, first look, ceremony and reception all took place at the Viking. 

1_2016_0424_wedding_hotel_viking_newport_RI-0684.jpg1_2016_0424_wedding_hotel_viking_newport_RI-0684.jpgThe wedding dress is reflected in a mirror in one of the rooms at the Hotel Viking in Newport, RI.

2_2016_0424_wedding_hotel_viking_newport_RI-0800.jpg2_2016_0424_wedding_hotel_viking_newport_RI-0800.jpgBride Michele sneaks a peek at Peter before their first look in a private patio at the Hotel Viking in Newport, RI.

3_2016_0424_wedding_hotel_viking_newport_RI-0898.jpg3_2016_0424_wedding_hotel_viking_newport_RI-0898.jpgMichelle and Peter pose for a portrait next to a blooming Forsythia on the steps of the Hotel Viking in Newport on a warm spring day.

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Stealthy Ninja Photography I've been shooting weddings with DGL Photography for a couple of years as a second shooter. I was just reading testimonials on his website and came across this excerpt from the best wedding photography review EVER:

We hired a second shooter that he works with, which we highly recommend doing because on the wedding day, having two people around to shoot was key. Denise was excellent and throughout our ceremony, and reception, David and Denise were like stealthy ninjas, never in the way, but capturing the mood and emotion and fun in perfect pictures.

- Piper and Gabe

Here are the cute couple, in one of my favorite pictures from their day:

Piper and Gabe celebrate their marriage at the Codman Estate in Lincoln, MAPiper and Gabe celebrate their marriage.Piper and Gabe celebrate their marriage at the Codman Estate in Lincoln, MA


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Carly and Jesse Get Married at Blithewold in Bristol, RI Two of my favorite guys I worked with at the Providence Journal are Scott Kingsley and David DelPoio. They both shoot for Oggi Photography in Bristol, RI. I'm not sure if it was Scott or David, but one of them recommend me to Oggi, and that's how I got to photograph the wedding of Carly and Jesse at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol. The entire wedding was held on the grounds of the mansion, surrounded by an amazing gardens and Narragansett Bay. I can't think of a better way to spend a hot, sticky August day in Rhode Island! And I got to shoot the wedding with David, which made it even more fun!

Its always great to get positive feedback:

We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out, and David and Denise were so great to work with. We felt so comfortable with them and cannot wait to see the pictures!

- Carly and Jesse

I just edited the wedding you did with David - your work is just beautiful. Thanks so much!

- Julie at Oggi Photography

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Kitchen Renovation In 2013, my husband and I decided it was time for a kitchen renovation. Long story short: We lived to brag about it, we worked with Cypress Design and East Side Construction, and we love it! And now Cypress calls me to photograph kitchens they've redesigned for their other clients! The first two pictures here are my kitchen. The last picture is one of a renovation Cypress did for one of their clients in Attleboro, MA. Designer, Scott Trainor won a nation-wide competition for this kitchen redesign.

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Photography for Mike Laureanno's CD, Road Signs Photography for Mike Laureanno's CDPhotography for Mike Laureanno's CD, Road Signs. June, 2015I worked with Mary Ann at Second Story Graphics for Mike Laureanno's latest CD.

I love it when my favorite things come together. In this case it was music and photography. My friend Mary Ann from Second Story Graphics contacted me to do the photography for Providence musician, Mike Laureanno's latest CD,  Road Signs. I had worked with Mary Ann and Mike before on his 2013 release, Pushing Back Wintertime. I jumped at the chance to do it again; especially since this time around it included a ride in Mike's 1950 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe coupe (with Windsor blue original paint)! We drove all around trying to find a location that matched Mary Ann's vision. We found it on some back road in Rehoboth, MA, and the light was perfect! 

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Art League of Rhode Island Annual Meeting at the Providence Art Club I've been photographing events for the Art League of Rhode Island since 2009. My favorite events are the ones held at the Providence Art Club, like last night's annual meeting.

A former co-worker and long-time resident of Providence's East Side once told me that you know you've gotten somewhere when you've been invited to lunch at the Providence Art Club. I put that on my bucket list and I actually got to have lunch there twice, thanks to the late Iona Dobbins, former president of ALRI. But the Providence Art Club is so much more than lunch. Its one of the oldest art clubs in the country. Read their history. You don't have to be invited or be a member to go see the art.

Below is a photo of the entrance. The rest of my photos from the annual meeting are on my facebook page.

Providence Art Club, Providence, RIProvidence Art Club, Providence, RIEntrance to the Providence Art Club on Thomas Street on the East Side of Providence, RI.

Thank you so very much for your photos of the annual meeting. Although I posted my note of appreciation on FB, I wanted to be sure you know how fabulous I think your photos are. You are truly an ALRI treasure and talent!

- Paulette, Art League of Rhode Island

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Gina and Joe Get Married It's such a great compliment to be referred by another photographer. David Robert and I ended up photographing Gina and Joe's wedding together, but he referred me to them and that's how I met this nice, easy-going couple. They were already a very close family before making it official. Joe had become a father figure to Gina's girls during the years they were together before their big day. One of my favorite photos from the day is of each of the girls kissing Joe on the cheek.

Gina and Joe get married. June 6, 2015. McGovern's on the Water, Fall River, MA.Gina and Joe's WeddingGina and Joe get married. June 6, 2015. McGovern's on the Water, Fall River, MA. Another favorite photo was taken by David, showing me in action showing off my Irish step dancing moves while photographing the receiving line! LOL!

Denise Bass Photographing Wedding in Fall River, MADenise Bass Photographing Wedding in Fall River, MADenise Bass Photographing Wedding in Fall River, MA



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Art League of Rhode Island Transparencies Show at The Vets Gallery The Art League of Rhode Island had their first opening at The Vets Gallery at The Vets Auditorium on April 7. The theme was "Transparencies." Its so interesting to see the various interpretations.

Art League of Rhode Island's show, "Transparencies" opening at The Vets gallery in Providence. April 7, 2015ALRI's Transparencies opening at The Vets.Art League of Rhode Island's show, "Transparencies" opening at The Vets gallery in Providence. April 7, 2015

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Dave and Phil Alvin and The Guilty Ones Just had to share this one. Dave and Phil Alvin are great. Go see them. That is all.

Dave and Phil Alvin at The Narrows in Fall River. March 20, 2015.Dave and Phil Alvin and The Guilty Ones at the Narrows in Fall River. March 20, 2015Dave and Phil Alvin at The Narrows in Fall River. March 20, 2015.


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Collection Corner: Richard Rupp's U.S. Cadet Nurse Collection Richard Rupp with a U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps winter uniform and the recruitment poster that was the first item in his collection. Denise J. R. Bass

By Denise J. R. Bass
Special to The Journal

March 07. 2015 12:01AM

North Kingstown, R.I., man's collection a salute to the women in white of World War II

Jo Roberts has two rules when it comes to her husband’s ever-growing collections: no heads on the mannequins and no mannequins in the bedroom.

Otherwise, Richard Rupp’s collection of U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps memorabilia has free rein over the rest of couple’s North Kingstown home.

The Cadet Nurse Corps, which was only in existence from 1943 to 1948, is a rich part of the history of women's role at home during World War II.

The program was started by the federal government with the goal of quickly increasing the number of nurses in the United States to make up for the shortage of nurses during the war. A free education was promised to qualifying high school graduates, along with uniforms, books and a monthly stipend. Recruitment posters and ads were designed to appeal to a young woman’s sense of fashion by offering uniforms by New York City designers, which could be modified and used in civilian life. The program, which included black women at a time when the U.S. military was still segregated, successfully trained more than 123,000 nurses.

Rupp's collection was inspired by his late mother-in-law, Eileen O’Donnell, who entered the program at the age of 18. “She was very proud of being in the corps,” says Rupp. “It was really part of her.” After graduating from the corps, she spent her career as a nurse, becoming one of the country’s first nurse practitioners. Rupp's aunt and cousin were also Cadet Nurses. His wife, who recently retired, worked most of her career as a pediatric nurse.

The collection started with a shoulder patch Rupp found at an antique store. He slipped into O'Donnell's Christmas stocking and it was a big hit, sparking many conversations about the corps. “It pleased my mother so much that he was so interested in this,” says Roberts.

Two years later, he found a recruitment poster at an antiques store in Maine. It featured glamorous Cadet Nurse Fay Hancock and the headline, "Enlist in a proud profession!"

“This one I kept for myself,” says Rupp.

His collection includes uniforms and accessories, lapel pins, books, posters, magazine covers, ads and photographs from newspaper archives, all of which are stored and displayed throughout their home — along with items from Rupp's five other collections.

There is a display case filled with Lionel trains at the top of the stairs, Civil War items on walls and in display cases, Italian-made nativity figurines in the den, license plates in the garage, and a collection of letters returned to friends and family of military personnel from the two world wars are stored in a closet.

Although he has been collecting U.S. Nurse Cadet Corps items for 10 years, he is still in search of sheet music to the “Cadet Nurse March,” and all 12 issues of The Cadet Nurse Corps News.

Uniforms are the centerpiece of the collection. The best way to maintain the quality of the 60-year-old fabric, Rupp has learned, is to display them on mannequins. This helps to prevent moth damage that can come from storing wool in a closet. 

“The mannequins," says Rupp, "have been banished to the guest rooms.” One of the mannequins was on display at the foot of their bed until one night his wife woke up in a panic, thinking a burglar was in the room.

“It really frightened me," says Roberts. “And then it was like, okay. That’s it. Out! Out! It has to be out of the bedroom. And take the head off of it!”

See the story on the Providence Journal web site:

For more information about the U.S. Nurse Cadet Corps, Rupp recommends:

The United States Public Health Service has reprinted “The United States Cadet Nurse Corps (1943-1948) and other Federal Nurse Training Programs.”

Three books by Thelma M. Robinson:

"Your Country Needs You: Cadet Nurses of World War II"

"Cadet Nurse Stories: The Call and Response of Women During World War II"

"Nisei Cadet Nurse of World War II: Patriotism In Spite of Prejudice"

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December Wedding When I met with Kristen in the spring to discuss photography for her December wedding the one thing she said that stuck in my mind was "I hope it snows."

I kept checking the forecast as it got closer and it wasn't looking good for snow. But then there we were at Independence Harbor in Asonet, MA just before the start of the wedding, and it was snowing. It was light, but it was snowing.

We had about five minutes left after the formals in the time limit we were given by the event manager so I went to Kristen and Dave and said, "Now is our chance to get that picture in the snow that you were hoping for." They looked at each other and said, "Let's do it!." She grabbed her coat, I grabbed my gear and we met on the deck. The trees behind them were lit up, a light snow was falling. I have to say, it was kind of magical.

Deciding to go out there was probably their first decision as husband and wife. Good choice, Kristen and Dave! May you make all of your future decisions together with that same adventurous spirit!

Kristen and Dave's Winter Wedding

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West Side Diner I started taking a studio lighting class at RISD. We were given a scavenger list of various lighting scenarios to photograph by the end of the semester. Neon was on the list. In my mind neon=diners. Originally I wanted to go to Al Mac's diner in Fall River because they have a really great neon sign but...good thing I called first because the nice person who answered the phone told me the neon was broken. My next choice was the West Side Diner. Good choice, but bad timing. My diner pal Paula was game to meet me at 6 a.m. but the sun came up before the neon went on. We shot some pictures anyway and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Support your local diner!


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Keith Munslow Business Card I've done a couple of projects with Keith Munslow. Keith is a man with a plan ... and it’s fun to brainstorm with him on ideas. After some discussion, we always end up with something we both like. Take his business card. Keith wanted bright colors, a font that looked like Dymo tape, a 2-sided card, and he wanted them printed by Moo. Boom. Done.

Keith Munslow's Business CardFront and back.


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Andy Our good friend Andy had asked me a few times to take a photo of him and his kids. He wanted something casual in an outdoor setting. We went to Roger Williams Park on a perfect fall day and got these.

Andy and the boys.


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Art League of Rhode Island Small Works Show Since 2009 I've been photographing events for the Art League of Rhode Island. Some friends within the group have often encouraged me to enter some of my work in a show. I finally got up the nerve to do it. I submitted a favorite shot of mine from the Brooklyn Bridge into ALRI's Small Works show at the Heritage Art Gallery and Glass Studio in East Greenwich, RI.

To see my photos from show's opening, please visit my facebook page.

Brooklyn, 2012

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Vonderdog Design I’m not a vegetarian for 3 reasons: bacon, pepperoni and hot dogs. A grill-blackened hot dog with mustard and celery salt is impossible to resist in the summertime. And who can drive through Olneyville without stopping for a hot weiner all the way? I can’t.

Have no fear, vegans, Vonderdog is here. Well, almost. Vonderdog is working its way through the legal red-tape, but its mission is to make “a RI staple made animal-and health-friendly.” I’ve been in on the taste-testing and I can tell you these vegan hot weiners would save the day for any vegan tempted to go to the dark side.

Vonderdog aims to be the hero for vegans who miss hot weiners. With a name like Vonderdog, you can’t help but think of Underdog. So, I thought I’d borrow a couple of things from the branding of everyone’s favorite superhero:  The large letter he wears across his chest, and the quirky style of the uppercase font in his logo. The client wanted to use green for obvious reasons, and the logo design came together with those things in mind. Below, the logo is used on a business card and on Facebook timeline art.

businesscard_front 3businesscard_front 3

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Duxbury Insurance Logo So, this insurance guy needed a logo. He’s young. Big personality. Loves the ocean. His favorite color is orange. He’s well known in his coastal community of Duxbury, MA. He’s preparing to break out on his own and needed a logo for his new business.

He gave me samples of designs he likes. Everything was orange and ocean-related. Hmmm…how to tie that into insurance? Blue is an ocean color, so that was a given. Lighthouses: they guide the way, provide security, etc., but its been done a million times before. Life rings: they’re usually orange. It would have been great if there was an “o” in the business name.

Thinking of replacing a letter with a graphic eventually led me to a compass, which is reminiscent of an “x”. The other thing I wanted to do was incorporate orange, and I found a shade of blue that was a nice compliment to the orange. The colors together are more of a modern look, so I used more of a traditional font to balance everything.

Duxbury Insurance Group Logo

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Photographer’s Logo Gretchen Ertl is an amazing photojournalist in the Boston/Providence area. Her work appears regularly in the New York Times and Boston Globe.  She nails everything she shoots: news, sports, portraits, weddings. Amazing. She needed a logo and new business cards to help her pick up some more wedding work. All she asked for was “something with a retro feel,” which is right up my alley. Wedding photographers these days all have pretty fancy watermarks on their photos, so I wanted Gretchen’s logo to translate well as a watermark incase she decided to use it that way. Check out Gretchen’s work, and give her a call if you need a really great photographer and I’m not available ;-0.

Here are a few variations on the design, and a sample of it in use as a watermark:


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Superchief Trio CD and Poster So many of my favorite things came together on this project: I got to work with musicians, shoot their photo, and design their cd. Keith (singer, keyboard player, illustrator, my newphews’ idol) and Pam (singer, trombone player, photographer — a.k.a., to me,  the coolest girl ever) were my main contacts for the project. They provided samples of Billboard promotional materials from the 1940’s as inspiration for fonts, colors, and the floating, glowing heads motif (used on the inside, left panel).

I provided a variety of designs, and Keith and Pam provided excellent input along the way.  It was very satisfying to work on a project with such talented people and have it result in a finished product we are all happy with. Check out The Superchief Trio.


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“Leadfoot” Larry’s Marketing Collateral There is so much more to car racing than driving around and around in circles. Its a labor of love. The cost to maintain a car and race it weekly adds up to a yearly salary for some people: tires have to be replaced every couple of weeks, and then there’s the constant engine maintenance and the body work. This explains the ads you see plastered all over the cars – drivers couldn’t afford to do it without the financial support of the sponsors who buy ad space on the cars.

Making contacts and approaching businesses for sponsorship is huge. A logo, business cards, letterhead, t-shirts, stickers, hero cards (think: baseball card, only bigger) are all essential pieces for a proper marketing package. I worked with “Leadfoot” Larry Barnett to put together his marketing materials. I like to think I played a tiny role in his recent Sportsman Division Championships at Thompson International Speedway. ;-)

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Retro Web Redesign Project Continue reading ]]> (Denise Bass Photography) Design Web Sun, 01 Jan 2012 08:19:41 GMT A logo With Some Ink This client is a minister who offers rock & roll-themed weddings. We are still in the beginning stages of marketing – first step was the logo. He requested guitars, a heart and a banner, in the style of an Ed Hardy tattoo. If you’re looking for a non-traditional minister for your wedding, I know a guy:

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Scredco Productions Web Site My husband is the guy you see tweaking those thousands of little dials on the soundboard at the bar while watching your favorite band. Maybe you haven’t noticed him, actually, because he’s really good at what he does. In the biz, they say that no one notices the sound guy until something goes horribly wrong – screechy feedback, broken microphones, that kind of thing.

Anyway, he needed a web site to promote his services and inspire geeky tech-talk among his peers. I created the graphics, one of my rare attempts at illustraion, as Flash animations, and some day I will actually load the ainmations to the site. I built the site in HTML with CSS as a project for the CSS class I was taking at RISD.

Scredco.comGraphics on the left. Screen grab of the site on the right.


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American Diner Museum Newsletters As I may have mentioned, I’m into diners. In the early 90’s I volunteered on the communications committee of the American Diner Museum. For 7 years I produced their quarterly newsletter. By produced I mean that I planned the stories, lined up the writers, tracked down the images, photographed the diners, designed the newsletter, prepped the files for print, negotiated with printers, and put the thing in the mail. Lots of work, but great experience. Unfortunately, the museum never materialized, but it sure looked good on paper!

Support your local diner.

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