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I used to photograph bands for a local alternative newspaper. The newspaper is long gone, but photographing live music is so much fun that I still do it!
The Darkness, Royale, Boston. April 22, 2018The Fratellis, Paradise Rock Club May 18, 2018Amy BedardAlejandro EscovedoButch WalkerDave AlvinAlejandro Escovedo_2017_1020_CFP_Laura_Cortese_Denise_Bass_Photography__3446Dave Hartman of Southern Culture on the SkidsKurt Bloch with Alejandro Escovedo's Burn Something Beautiful band.Matthew SweetRoseanne CashRobert Black as ElvisDave AlvinPeter BuckSweetback SistersWoody PinesThe SuperMagsCool Beverages ReunionCool Beverages